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About Us

Our vision is to inspire you to start your wellness journey. To do this we offer naturopathic and nutritional consultations, cooking classes, wellness seminars and much more – all with the purpose of getting you on the road to wellness and vitality.

Our focus is on you and your health, tailoring our practice to meet your needs.

Qualified naturopath and clinical nutritionist Hannah Boyd uses nutritionherbal medicine, diet and wellness coaching to help transform your health.

About Hannah

Hannah is a Naturopath with qualifications in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. Hannah believes that positive transformation can be made in the health of her patients by combining evidence-based naturopathic theory with individualised holistic programs. Her goal is to encourage people to start their own journey to wellness with the help of her naturopathic treatments, ongoing support and nutritional education.

Her naturopathic philosophy is based on encouraging your body to heal with the use of botanical and nutritional medicines, and eating wholefoods. Hannah incorporates traditional naturopathic practices with a modern biochemical understandings of the body.

Hannah’s aim is to discover the cause of disease, not just treat symptoms. She opts for the use of non-toxic, natural remedies, and believes that education and inspiration are the keys to a healthy life.

Hannah’s love of whole food and nutrition is evident through her educational, nurturing, no-nonsense attitude to health and wellbeing.

As well as running a busy wellness clinic in Marrickville, Hannah volunteers at the Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre  along side naturopath Dr Ses Salmond as a research assistant. She also hosts wellness and health talks at various events including The Real Food Project .

Conditions Treated

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Digestive complaints

Hormone balancing

Pain and Inflammation

Immune Health

Thyroid Conditions

Weight loss and detox

Sleep disturbances

Women’s health and fertility

Skin conditions

Colds, flu and winter blues

Acute infections and illness

Children’s health




Herbal Medicine

Wellness Coaching

Functional Medicine


What our Clients say:

“‘Hannah has been such a fantastic support on my health journey this past year. Her commitment and genuine interest in my health and wellbeing is matched by her depth of naturopathic knowledge, creating a holistic understanding and approach to client care. I highly recommend Hannah’s naturopathic services to anyone looking at improving their health.” – Leigh

“Working with Hannah has achieved major improvements in my health in such a short period of time that I feel incredibly grateful to have her as my naturopath. I am sleeping better, have lost weight, look and feel younger and healthier, and have almost eliminated the use of pharmaceutical drugs in the management of my health. Hannah’s approach really targeted the problem areas in my health in a step-by-step, effective and manageable way, and she always explained the rationale behind taking particular supplements or making changes to my diet or lifestyle in a way which made sense to me and built my trust in her. Her highly sensitive and thoughtful manner of relating to me and her consistently above-and-beyond efforts to help me achieve my health goals have supported me through a difficult, challenging process of major life changes. Now that we have addressed many of the immediate concerns with my health, my partner and I are both working with Hannah on a preconception plan and I look forward to the next phase of this process.” – 35yo Female




Hannah is available for naturopathic, nutrition, homeopathic or herbal medicine consultations across two convenient locations in Sydney, five days a week.

Marrickville Clinic:
1/288Marrickville Rd, Marrickville.

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Saturdays

Book an appointment today, using our online booking, email or via phone


Ultimo Clinic:
5/88 Mountain St, Ultimo

  • Tuesdays
  • Thursdays

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 Consultation Fees*

What to expect from a naturopathic consultation:

Health Care Rebates

As a registered member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association I am able to provide health fund rebates for most health funds.
The amount you receive varies depending on the level of cover you have. Check here to see if your private health fund is covered.





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New Leaf Naturopathic Health Loves…

BODYHARMONIE Massage Therapy – Harmonie and her team offer the hands down best massage therapy in Marrickville. Remedial, relaxation, aromatherapy, pregnancy, sports massage are all on offer. Fantastically friendly practitioners who will help you feel great.

Affordable Acupuncture  A lovely team of passionate and dedicated acupuncturists who offer affordable and professional traditional Chinese medicine – 7 days a week. They have a profound connection to health and wellness through ancient traditions and a sustainable philosophy.

Azzurra Fitness Rob at Azzurra is the most inspiring and down to earth trainer I’ve ever met. Rob has a great ability to get people moving, sweating and smiling all at the same time. His realistic training style and variety of workouts will keep you motivated on going.

The Vege Box Amanda and Shame deliver the freshest and tastiest veggies around. Affordable, good quality, long lasting produce that even comes with a recipe blog!

Half Moon Yoga Iyengar yoga at the Addison Road Centre – lovely teachers and a welcoming environment to stretch and move.

Sydney Osteopathic Healthcare



News, research, recipes, nutrition information and healthy living advice can be found here.

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